A Connection between You the Cosmos and Grandmother Moon And Grandfather Sun!

What is Astrology

A Connection between You the Cosmos and Grandmother Moon And Grandfather Sun!

I have been participating & studying Astrology for 35 years. I have always known that we are connected to the Cosmos! We are connected to the ancient civilisations and the astronomy of galactic solar system.

The inner knowing that we are much more than the machine age we are currently living in. 

We are connected to all there is, the shadow and the light. Astrology gives you a clear insight to your own unique blue-print and shows you how your birth chart planet alignments are connected to the earth’s energies that are connected to chakras, that are connected to YOU!

A vibrational match to your inner world and outer world.


YOU are a multidimensional being and what astrology allows me to do is introduce you to the parts of you that you may not yet to recognise or understand, your blocks.

I work with your Sun sign, your Moon sign and Ascending sign on your natal chart. (natal chart is a screenshot of the sky the minute you were born)

That’s what we call your blue print! And this is where the story of you begins……….

Pre Requirements

  • Your time of birth
  • Your place of birth
  • and an open heart!

How does it work with other modalities?

By understanding your Sun sign / Soul journey you will tap into a brilliant guidance system that can switch on for your alignment for this human journey.

When we understand our natal Moon, the moon we were born with. We will understand our emotions and our physical bodies so much better.

When we understand our ascendant we will under how we are seen in the world. 

Uniting these aspects of yourself Sun/ Moon/ Ascendant will allow you a deeper understanding of your life purpose and life’s journey.

Imagine how much your life will improve with this knowledge and understanding.

I honour the wisdom from our ancestors!


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