Energetic House Cleansing

Home Energy Revitalisation

The house is the property including the land and the home is you! 

Cosmic House Alignment Cleansing

When it comes to nourishing your soul, healing your heart, calming your mind and relaxing your body, your home is where it begins and ends. It should be your vortex of clean, supportive energy where you feel motivated, inspired, positive and at peace.

Throughout this process, I bring all facets of your needs, wants and desires to bring a clean, abundant and harmonious energetic alignment to your home. 

purifying and balancing not only your home but businesses as well.

If you are running a small or large home business or a business that is at a separate location and are looking to bring an abundant alignment to you, this could be perfect!

What feeds negative energy?

Negative energy can come from a range of different sources. These are just some of the signs and reasons for negative, dense or stagnant energies, and the only way to shift them is to cleanse, purify and balance your home’s energy.

  • If you have been sick recently
  • Have experienced loss and going through grift
  • You find you have been arguing with your partner or children
  • During any major life transition (think a new job, partnership, or pets/ babies arriving) 
  • Experienced a breakup, divorce or separation
  • Have moved into a new home
  • Housemates moving in and out

Is this for you?

Benefits of purifying and aligning your home or Business office energies.

Clearing the old dense and nasty energy out and calibrating it will help you:

  • Ground you to feel safe and rested
  • Create a new path forward
  • Open up space to bring in more abundance
  • Feel more aligned with the universe
  • Sleep better 
  • Feel more energised
  • Keep a more positive mind
  • Attract more of the energy and power you are looking for (like abundance) and; 
  • Thrive in your day to day life. 

So every day, as you leave and enter your home or business, your energy will be aligned, rejuvenated and supported. 

The Process

I work deeply with the foundations of your home, the land and you!

When we buy a home being a new build or already established, you are taking over not just the bricks and mortar but you are taking on the responsibility and caretaking of your home and land’s energy. 

This is why cleaning and balancing old leftover energies from past owners, be it home, business or separation can improve your life, mindset and connection to yourself.  

What is a Cosmic House Alignment?

This is where I use the Astrological location of your home and map that with your Astrological Birth charts. I grid and align your energy or energies to reflect the harmonious, peaceful and rejuvenating home your desire.

The application and processes are the same as the Energetic House Cleanse but what we add is deeper and a more profound level of connection and understanding from the earth to the skies. 

Treatment Length

Minimum 2.5 – 3 hours


$395 + gst within 20k of Pacific Pines.

Adiditional travel is $20 + gst per 10km.


  • Sound bowls
  • Sage and Palo Santo
  • Chakra Medicine, master cell essences 
  • Crystals for girding (I supply all crystals to be placed in or on the land and house)
  • I Utilise the energy of Guides, Angels, Earth, Fire, Water, and many more energies depending on the cleanse required.

When you contact us to book your appointment, I will ask you a series of questions and chat with you about your concerns. From there, I create a tailored cleansing process for each of your needs.



I absolutely love how our house feels now! We moved into a new home recently and I didn’t quite feel settled. As much as I loved it initially, something just felt off. I couldn’t completely settle and it didn’t really feel like home. I wasn’t sure if we were meant to be here and I was starting to worry that we had made the wrong choice. After having the house cleansed and blessed by Victoria I feel much more at peace here. The house feels more like home and I have a sense of protection. My energy is aligned and I feel like this is where I am meant to be at this point in time. We have moved house so many times and if we do so again in future I will definitely be bringing Victoria in to bless any space we occupy. Thank you so much for helping me feel at home in my new space.xx

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