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What do you do?

I help you to let go of what’s holding you back to get more clarity, lightness and direction in your day to day life. As a psychic, medium and spiritual healer, I use my intuition to select the right combination of healing techniques from the many modalities I’ve studied to help you step into the best version of you.

What are your abilities and which modalities do you use?

Psychic, Medium, Medical Medium, Intuitive Astrology, Pranic Psychotherapy, Pranic Crystal Healer, Genome DNA Healing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Facial Acupressure, Emmett Technique, Sound bowl healing, Advanced Nutrition, Emmett Lymphatic Drainage, Massage and Cupping.

Do you do readings?

YES! I do readings of your Aura, your chakras energy centres, using whatever techniques have been shown to me. Navigating the future from a place of co-creation. I sometimes use, Astrology, Tarot, crystals but mostly guided via spirit ( which is often pre-set up by your spirit family before your visit with me)

Why do I need healing and do I need to be spiritual?

Well the answer is you are already spiritual and maybe healing is not what you are needing at this moment, perhaps its insight and knowledge for your current life journey, spiritual mentoring. (which ofter results in healing taking place).

Why is Astrology a form of healing?

We are connected to all there is, the shadow the light. Astrology gives you a clear insight to your own unique blue print and shows you how your birth chart planet alignments are connected to the earth’s energies that are connected to chakras, that are connected to YOU!

A vibrational match to your inner world and outta world.

Can you talk to souls that have passed over?

YES! many souls that have passed often are the ones that gently align a visit for you to communicate with through me. Spirit works on behalf of you for you and its my job to assist in the information being couvade.

How can I become pain free from my physical pain and mental anguish?

YES! it is completely possible to heal all aspects of the physical, Mental and emotional.

Physical ailments, pain, dis-ease in the body etc is stagnate energy and emotional energy, that have manifested in the body, generally over time and have become unbearable and painful to live with. My specialty is to work with your Chakra’s, mental body, Emotional body and Physical body to assist is the overall wholeness you deserve this life journey.

How do I become a more conscious?

Huge Question!!!

This is were I step in and ASSIST you with the awareness of yourself and the world around you.  We dive into the depths of your patterns and pathways. This is where you learn how incredible you are, how beautifully unique you are. So you can be the awareness of your thoughts, So that you can embrace the vibration being that you are, by making changes to your pathways you get to create yourself and life a divine deserved purpose. 


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