Chakra Medicine Woman Earings


Chakra Medicine Woman’s high vibration, Natural biodegradable talisman in the form of jewellery.
known as Earth Jewellery- Made by Jewel-Lee for Chakra Medicine Woman.
These beautiful delicate hand-painted in watercolour earrings are made from Sustainably sourced wood, They have also been coated with organic oil during the production process and finished with a bees wax. #savethebees
Added with amethyst crystals. Energised with Intention and purpose they are available for you not only as a supporting role in balancing your energy- Chakras but also a visually beautiful piece of jewellery.
Care instructions:While this offers some protection, it is best to not get your items wet. They will absorb moisture from a rainy or humid day, and can lose moisture on a dry day. Our colouring is usually hand painted water colour with the exception of some Gold and Silver Colourings and wood staining. The colours are not synthetically sealed and can fade depending on wear. Lightening of your wood over time is normal and stains and natural wood can be revitalised simply with an organic oil, this should be done on both sides and around the edges. Please avoid leaving them in the sun or heat (like in the car) as this can fade and warp to an unrecoverable state.

For Earrings and Jewellery Pieces Special Care needs to be taken when removing clothing, face masks, selt belts etc. They are finely cut 1.2mm thick wood and the integrity of the earring can be compromised with any force.
My products are sold at a low price with the expectation that they will not have the longevity of a plastic, acrylic, resin, polymer clay, metal or synthetic equivalent. This is part of our mission statement – ‘Jewellery and Accessories should not cost the Earth’

Length: The hanging length is 7 cm
Enjoy! Namaste
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Silver, Gold Plated


Wood, Amethyst


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