Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some comments from client experiences.

My session with Victoria included Pranic combination healing. Throughout the session I could literally feel energy shifting in the areas that she worked on.

After the session I immediately felt balanced and incredibly lighter after having walked into the session feeling very low. The hours and days following were profound as I felt completely different, lighter, and much more in tune with my physical and emotional body.

Thank you Victoria for your energy healing.

I look forward to our next session!

Michelle November 2020

I was looking for an Emmett therapist when I found Victoria. I had a rather severe Locked elbow on my right arm. (Tennis Elbow) which was on a 90 degree angle and I couldn’t bend it. I couldn’t even reach for my wallet in my back pocket. I was doing everything with my left hand and not very well. As a fencer for my own business I really needed my arm to work. I had about 20% movement. 

After the first session with Victoria I had instant relief in pressure and gained another 30% movement. She used a combination of Emmett, Remedial massage & Chinese cupping. Along with magnesium spray and organic coconut oil, Victoria advised me to have at least three session and I did, with each session my arm improved and by the third I was able to brush my teeth again with me right arm & back to working full time. 

Along with the stretching Victoria advised me to do and a maintenance session once a month. Since then I’ve had no issues at all with my elbow and my overall body movement has improved.

I’m very grateful for her knowledge and honesty in what I needed to regain my arm movement and overall health.

Adam 2018

I’m very grateful for her knowledge and honesty in what I needed to regain my arm movement and overall health. 


It was the comfort and rapport that I experienced in that first appointment that prompted me to commit to ongoing sessions with you. I am pleased to say that as a result I have experienced healing and personal breakthroughs, including the new found strength to deal with the painful personal circumstances that had been crippling me and seeming to worsen with each week.

The delight to have found a person who I feel I can trust and step into the unknown with is immense. The real hard yards of the transformational path can be notoriously lonely, and in some of those confronting moments, I am fortunate to say you have been there with me. 

Your preparedness for our sessions was obvious, and your great skill in being able to accommodate my somewhat flighty nature is so appreciated.

I believe that I have experienced profound healing in each session, which supports me as I enter this new chapter of my life.

 I wish for everyone healing and an inspired, authentic journey, but also now know in my heart that I very much deserve this myself.

I look forward to follow up sessions, learning more about astrology to which I am an absolute rookie, and sharing with you my stories of adventure on my new path.

Many Blessings

Louise 2020

I experience complete trust in the healing process that is delivered with insightful care and devoted practice by Victoria, at A Wise Awakening Wholeness & Wellbeing.
I have multiple spine and neck concerns that I guard with caution and have had mixed experiences with other modalities and with traditional medical practices. I also have arthritis throughout my body. Her intuitive approach and skilled bodywork practices combine with pinpoint accuracy to what and where great relief can be applied. Her ability to listen and genuinely hold space while gently guiding you to clarity and wellness is why she is such a gift to me. I receive drug-free pain relief, as she assists my routines to stay active and motivated. She offers a healing environment of emotional support and healing clarity. Victoria is a gifted healer and uses many intuitive tools that aid the emotional healing journey that is central to the healing journey as a whole.
Highly recommended.

I’m beyond grateful to Victoria for her help. I’ve had back problems for several years and other than the occasional massage I’ve never found a treatment that brings any relief. 

Victoria recommended cupping along with massage and it was amazing! I had so much more freedom of movement after one session and felt like a new person!

Victoria provides such a wonderful range of services (I need to try them all!) and her knowledge, warmth and kind spirit make it all such a positive experience.

Thank you so much!

Kate 2018

Victoria is a warm and caring soul. 

I have a terminal illness (Motor Neurone Disease), and I am so lucky that Victoria donates her time to perform massage, spiritual healing and reiki for me.

Through prayer and healing, I feel comforted.

I know Victoria can’t heal me but I feel a little better and I feel a little lighter and not so tight in my chest which assists with my breathing after each session.

Feeling some relief with Victoria’s healing’s is a bonus for me so a huge thank you.

Lynette 2018

Initially saw A Wise Awaking on my newsfeed on FB and I immediately felt that I needed to make an appointment, not something I normally would do. Thank goodness I did because meeting Victoria and regularly being treated by her for over 18 months is one of the best decisions I have made, she has been an absolute blessing. She offers the whole package – both physical healing and spiritual healing. 

Victoria has such a calming presence and is such a kind genuine soul who is committed to providing a tailor-made experience for each client. The last 12 months have certainly been challenging for me and Victoria supported me physically (stress, unfortunately, manifests as back and shoulder pain for me) and spiritually whilst I nursed my mother and has continued to work with me through my grief after her passing. I always leave feeling lighter and like my mind and body has been realigned and revitalised, I can’t thank Victoria enough for sharing her wisdom and knowledge with me. If like me you feel drawn to make an appointment, don’t hesitate and see for yourself.

Bianca 2019

My experience with Victoria helped me to get to the core of where my pain, fear and self doubt is. Throughout my journey I have done a lot of work on myself, however there were still very deep layers that were needing to be tapped into, brought to attention and healed.

I was guided to Victoria and together with her gifted capabilities and our blessed guides, Victoria tapped into the core of my pain and assisted me to heal on a very deep vibrational level. I feel very clear on a soul level and ready to allow, accept and surrender my journey that I’ve been gifted from our universal divine.

Thank you, Victoria for your beautiful gift and our universal guides for guiding me to You.

Jodie Maio 2020


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